1. Hello October

  2. The perfect end to September. Rosehips and blue skies.

  3. The trees are full of treats this autumn

  4. Foraged some grapes. Let the winemaking commence.

  5. Tomatoes galore

  6. I am off on a little break tomorrow. Please note that all orders placed over in the shop will be shipped on Wednesday 24th September. Have a lovely week all!


  7. Pleased as punch (and slightly overwhelmed) to have my illustration featuring on the Tumblr´╗┐ radar right now!

  8. A new illustration for a sunny Friday, ‘At the Pool’

  9. Discovered some wild hops on today’s cycle. Very exciting find! Will be adding these to our next homebrew. Beautiful nature.

  10. A new illustration inspired by my recent attempts at re-leaning French. I’ve been using an excellent free app, Duolingo. Would highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning a new language, it’s so helpful and great fun.