1. Hope you’ve all had a super weekend.

    I’ve eaten far too much cake. It’s been great! I did an illustration to celebrate.

  2. Today is all about ticking off to-do lists and planning new things. Happy Friday!

  3. Only 1 hummingbird tote left in stock, grab it before it flies away ☞


  4. Seed collecting. The garden brings me so much inspiration - those colours! ♡

  5. The wine making adventure continues. We’ve currently got two wines bubbling away in their fermentation bins - a wild plum that was started yesterday, alongside a blackberry started this evening. Fingers crossed all goes to plan and we get something decent to sample! More updates to follow…

  6. Bumper foraging session!

  7. Rookie knitting. Attempting another scarf.

  8. This bluebells card is making its way to a new home today :)

  9. Cut flowers from the garden, cheering up a rainy day.

  10. Got some new arty things to play with. Expect some pottery experiments and trinket updates soon!