1. Gathered wildflowers looking pretty in their new home. Love these colours.

  2. Foraging season is well and truly upon us. Much to our delight, we recently discovered some loganberries near to our home (despite not being quite sure exactly what they were). They look like elongated raspberries at first glance, though having done some research, I now understand that they are in fact a hybrid raspberry/blackberry. They are fully ripe when slightly purplish in colour. After trying a few (and then a few more), we gathered a mixture of under ripe red ones on the verge of turning, along with some fully ripened fruits - the perfect combination for another jam adventure.

    Recipe: 500g loganberries (or raspberries), 400g jam sugar with added pectin (or granulated with a pectin substitute, such as Certo), 1 lemon - adapt quantities based on amount of berries.

    I am yet to try the results as I have 3 opened jars of other jams in the fridge. It does, however, look like a good set and beautiful colour. Looking forward to sampling soon.

  3. A Tuesday treat!

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  4. Goodies posted off today :)

  5. Ciao bella Italia.

  6. Very excited to be flying out to Florence shortly for some birthday celebrations.

    The shop will still be open, though all orders placed while I’m away will be shipped on Wednesday 25th June. This new Teacups card will also be available to buy very soon, hooray! :)

  7. Early birthday cactus.

  8. My workspace (pastry crumbs included).

  9. These colourful cards are flying off to Finland today!

  10. Elderflower delight - recipe from River Cottage Hedgerow Handbook by John Wright.