1. Pleased as punch (and slightly overwhelmed) to have my illustration featuring on the Tumblr radar right now!

  2. A new illustration for a sunny Friday, ‘At the Pool’

  3. Discovered some wild hops on today’s cycle. Very exciting find! Will be adding these to our next homebrew. Beautiful nature.

  4. A new illustration inspired by my recent attempts at re-leaning French. I’ve been using an excellent free app, Duolingo. Would highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning a new language, it’s so helpful and great fun.

  5. Hope you’ve all had a super weekend.

    I’ve eaten far too much cake. It’s been great! I did an illustration to celebrate.

  6. Today is all about ticking off to-do lists and planning new things. Happy Friday!

  7. Only 1 hummingbird tote left in stock, grab it before it flies away ☞


  8. Seed collecting. The garden brings me so much inspiration - those colours! ♡

  9. The wine making adventure continues. We’ve currently got two wines bubbling away in their fermentation bins - a wild plum that was started yesterday, alongside a blackberry started this evening. Fingers crossed all goes to plan and we get something decent to sample! More updates to follow…

  10. Bumper foraging session!